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If you were to ask for an overall theme for my paintings over the past several decades, it would have to be “The City” with its jumble of images: human and architectural. It isn’t one city I depict, but every city with its street life and signage, characters that appear and disappear, some abstract or dreamlike. I has never been one for pretty pictures, preferring the world in the disorganized way it appears in memories and dreams, and real life. 

Forty plus years ago I  had taken an art workshop  from an elderly Hungarian émigré painter named Victor Kandell who managed to extricate me from “copying” life, just as Picasso and Braque had done decades earlier.  He pushed me into creating my own artistic reality by playing around with size, enlarging and shrinking forms, not as the eye saw them, but as the composition required. 

"Mona Lisa in a Push-Up Bra" 

 A contemporary Minoan Goddess
(note MP3 player).
Oil on canvas   44"x34"

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