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Kahn’s Thrift Shop

A while ago, I decided to create Kahn’s Thrift Shop with clothes cut out of brown wrapping paper. From a lifetime of thrift shop meandering came dozens of outfits, everything slightly out of style.

Thriftee Shoppe

Men's Bathhouse Series

Over the years, I’ve done a number of series that would be funny if they weren’t intrinsically tragic. My favorite is one I’ve never dared exhibit (too “x” rated.) It is based on the gross ugliness underneath the expensively coiffed and outfitted leaders of industry.  I call it my “Men’s Bathhouse Series,” paper cutouts of executives and their cronies, men who wear expensive suits but you wouldn’t want to see what lies underneath. 

renee lifesize cutouts image2.jpg

Life Size Paper Dolls

I recently participated in an Art Walk,  putting my work in a Bridal shop storefront window.  The owner of the store and the representative from the council in charge of the walk came to my studio and enthusiastically selected a group of life-size paper dolls.

Paper Dolls
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